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Aco Group was born in Shoreditch, better known as London Tech-City in a similar way as Silicon Valley in San Francisco has became the meeting place for creativity and Cutting hedge technologies. Aco Group aim is to select the top-notch audio-visual technologies and to showcase them to audiences around the world, teaming up with eligible partners who can provide the strongest exposure. Aco Group will provide the eligible partners with production, installation and servicing of audiovisual material and it guarantees an unforgettable extra-sensorial experience for the audiences.

Aco Group has the skill and technology to make your message stand out through the latest audio-visual display technology in high traffic venues to bring your message right to the people who you want to reach, leveraging advertisers and venues to support our efforts and your message.
We engage with consumers and decision makers in airports, markets, office buildings, train stations, bus depots and major public venues using pop-up media events and displays with the personal touch.We also provide bespoke display technology to venues for shows, exhibitions or music events. We can often offset the cost to the venue by incorporating external advertising with the venue’s own programming.

Aco Group provides complete, customized campaigns tailored to your specific goals. Our in-house content creation experts, technical specialist and consumer engagement professionals have the skills and long-term working relationships needed to deliver consistent, effective work.Once your campaign goes active, you can leave it completely in our hands. We have the skills and experience to achieve your goals and exceed expectations without micromanagement or hand-holding. We deliver regular reports tracking your campaign’s success, ensuring total confidence in our service, and in your ROI.

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